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PIA's August 16th District Lobbying Day Is Here!

Around the country, PIA members are meeting with their Members of Congress to help shape the politics that will have dramatic consequences on the future of their businesses. While the official date of this event is August 16, we have to work around the schedules of our elected officials so we're scheduling meetings as we they are available. PIA of Louisiana's representatives have met with Rep. Scalise on August 9, with Rep. Richmond on August 16 and scheduled to meet with Rep. Alexander on August 24. We're still finalizing visits with the other elected officials, so you still have time to participate if we've not already visited with your representative! We'll provide you with a wrap-up of these meetings in a future issue of the Agent's Link!

While national legislation may be forged in the halls of Congress, the ideas that are brought to Capitol Hill — and that resonate the most with our lawmakers — come straight from constituents on their local Main Streets. Constituents like you. That's why it is imperative that every PIA member becomes involved in the federal political process and educates Members of Congress, so they understand and appreciate the views of professional independent agents.

Members of Congress rely heavily on the views of their constituents. Because of this, any member of Congress will be thrilled to have you in to their office to discuss insurance-related issues. Most will ask questions, so they can learn. And the best person to learn from is you! Generally, these meetings are very laid back and last 20-30 minutes. But don't let that undervalue the incredible importance of what you're doing: forging a relationship with someone who votes on legislation that impacts the future of your business.

Here's a summary of a few of the issues PIA is concerned with this year:

1. Flood Insurance: The National Flood Insurance Program is set to expire on September 30, 2011. The House has already passed a five year extension with key reforms. Click here to tell your Senators to do the same!

2. Agent Compensation: Your compensation for health insurance sales is at risk right now and is being heavily debated at the state and federal level. Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI) introduced a bill to protect your compensation and it is of utmost importance that this bill gets passed. Tell your Member of Congress to support H.R. 1206 by clicking here.

3. Crop Insurance: The USDA's Farm Service Agency (FSA) employees are trying to eliminate your job, saying agents are costly and inefficient. They want to be the sole agency to handle insurance claims and acreage reports. Tell Congress FSA employees are trying to take over insurance agents' jobs! Click here to send a letter to Congress about this!

As you can see, the issues that are being debated on Capitol Hill will greatly impact independent insurance agents. Through the District Lobbying Day webpage you can get a quick primer on these issues and step-by-step instructions to make meeting with your Member(s) of Congress easy. You know your elected officials are hearing from the opposition and the big money interests, so it's up to each of us to make sure they hear from their local, Main Street agents, too. That's you!

Have a question? Contact Julia Domagalski, PIA National's Legislative Assistant, at juliado@pianet.org or (703) 518-1365.

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