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VIDEO: Coverage Issues During COVID-19

PIA National CEO Mike Becker speaks with Brad Lachut, director of government and industry affairs for PIA Northeast, about coverages that come into play with the COVID-19 outbreak.

PIA is Working for You

PIA National has recently been sending out regular communications under this title, "PIA Working for You". If you have not been receiving these and want to be included in those emails to keep you up-to-date with national news related to the pandemic, please email jody@piaoflouisiana.com to make sure you're added to that email list. To recap some of the information that has been sent in the most recent communications, click here.

Upcoming PIA Events
06/02/2020 -- Northeast Chapter Meeting
(Catfish Cabin)

06/02/2020 -- Northshore Chapter Meeting
(Dakota Restaurant)

06/02/2020 -- Northwest Chapter Meeting
(Red River Brewing)

06/10/2020 -- Baton Rouge Chapter Meeting & Flood Class
(Oak Lodge)

07/01/2020 -- New Orleans Chapter Meeting

07/11/2020 -- PIA of Louisiana's 77th Annual Convention
(Pointe Clear, AL)

07/11/2020 -- PIA Convention
(Pointe Clear, AL)

07/12/2020 -- PIA of Louisiana's 77th Annual Convention
(Pointe Clear, AL)

07/13/2020 -- PIA of Louisiana's 77th Annual Convention
(Pointe Clear, AL)

08/04/2020 -- Northshore Chapter Meeting
(Dakota Restaurant)

Virtual Exhibit Hall

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Amended Emergency Rule 40

On April 3, 2020, the Louisiana Department of Insurance promulgated Amended Emergency Rule 40 — Moratorium on Policy Cancellations and Non-Renewals for Policyholders in Louisiana during the Outbreak of Coronavirus Disease. That change has now been reverted and the corrected version of the rule is available here. To see the main change that was made pertaining to premium insurance companies, click here for a comparison of the two versions.

Auto Insurers to Return $10 Billion to Customers

U.S. auto insurers will return more than $10 billion to their customers nationwide, according to an estimate released on April 11 by the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I). The Triple-I's $10.5 billion estimate is a projection based on its analysis of 14 U.S. auto insurers who cited reduced policyholder mileage and the receipt of fewer claims amid the COVID-19 crisis as the reasons they were able to announce premium refunds, discounts, dividends, and credits.

"Insurers are again fulfilling their role as economic first responders by providing financial relief to customers when they need it most," said Sean Kevelighan, CEO, Triple-I.

PIA National Opposes Business Interruption Legislation

PIA has announced it strenuously opposes legislation introduced separately by Reps. Mike Thompson (D-CA) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) that would empower the federal government to rewrite existing business interruption (BI) insurance provisions drafted with otherwise applicable exclusions.

"PIA is deeply engaged in wide-ranging efforts to assist the business community during this national crisis. Unfortunately, these two bills would apply business interruption coverage where it doesn't exist, exacerbating existing disruptions and further delaying our nation's economic recovery," said PIA National Executive Vice President & CEO Mike Becker.

BI provisions typically do not cover losses resulting from risks like the coronavirus. Retroactively rewriting contracts undermines existing contractual relationships and risks injecting new uncertainties into our current economic crisis. Such proposals purport to quickly provide assistance to businesses in need, but in reality, such a response would not help all businesses; only one in three small businesses even has business interruption coverage. As such, only a small percentage of businesses would benefit in any way from it, and thousands of small businessowners would be left struggling.


Officials Fear Double Disaster:
Coronavirus Plus Hurricanes

Florida's U.S. senators have called on the federal government to issue guidelines on how states should handle evacuations and storm shelters in the event of a hurricane, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

With less than two months to go until the tropics reach the conditions that forecasters expect will generate an above-average storm season, government officials and local politicians are rushing to prepare for what Broward County Mayor Dale Holness described as a "double disaster" of a hurricane strike amid a COVID-19 outbreak.


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