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Legislative Session Update

As we get closer to the end of the Session, below is the status of some of the bills we've been watching. To see the status of all the bills we were monitoring, please refer to our site here and click on the bill of your choice.

First, we are happy to report that HB 467 by Rep. Jordan, which would have prohibited the use of certain rating factors in automobile insurance underwriting, failed to pass the House floor. Thanks to all of you who responded to our grassroots on this one.

  • HB 457 by Rep. Firment, which provides for claims adjusters, pending Senate final passage.
  • HB 458 by Rep. Firment, which provides for additional living expenses and fair rental value coverages under residential insurance policies, scheduled to be heard in HIC on 5/26.
  • HB 469 by Rep. Larvadain, which provides relative to homeowner's insurance claims settlement practices, failed to pass.
  • HB 523 by Rep. Tarver, which provides relative to bad faith claims against insurers, was withdrawn.
  • HB 565 by Rep. Huval, which provides relative to the operation of a motor vehicle while using wireless telecommunications devices, passed House and is going to Senate Transportation, Highways & Public Works Committee.
  • HB 577 by Rep. McKnight, which provides relative to residential flood coverage, scheduled for concurrence on 5/25.
  • HB 585 by Rep. Geymann, which provides relative to homeowner's insurance claims settlement practices, scheduled for HIC on 5/26.
  • HB 591 by Rep. Firment, which provides for claims settlement practices, pending Senate final passage.
  • SB 29 by Senator Abraham, which authorizes the commissioner of insurance to take certain actions relative to insurance during a declared emergency, passed Senate and is scheduled to be heard on House Floor on 5/26.
  • SB 54 by Senator Luneau, which provides relative to hurricane, named storm, and wind and hail deductibles, failed to pass HIC.
  • SB 55 by Senator Luneau, which prohibits insurance rate determinations based on certain risk classifications,
  • SB 245 (substitute for SB 71) by Senator Bernard, which provides relative to civil jury trials and deposits for costs and expenses, passed the Senate but was voluntarily deferred in House Civil Law & Procedures (5/24).
Upcoming PIA Events
06/22/2021 -- Personal Auto Webinar

07/14/2021 -- NO Chapter Meeting

07/17/2021 -- PIA Convention July 17-19

07/18/2021 -- PIA Convention July 17-19

07/19/2021 -- PIA Convention July 17-19

08/04/2021 -- North Shore Chapter Luncheon with Nominations

08/05/2021 -- CPIA-1 Webinar

08/11/2021 -- BR Chapter Luncheon @ 11:30 AM
(Oak Lodge)

08/11/2021 -- Premium Finance CE Class @ 1 pm - 3pm
(Oak Lodge)

08/19/2021 -- *Dynamics of Service Webinar *update & CE credit only

Disaster Relief Center
Click to enter our
Disaster Relief Center

How To Prepare for Hurricane Season (hosted
by GOHSEP) — TODAY at 1:30 p.m.

Check out our very own PIA Board Member Danielle Gendusa-Wagner, as she participates in this expert panel to educate different audiences about what to do to prepare for Hurricane Season. To find out more information and/or register click here. Another panel discussion is being hosted by the Louisiana Realtors on June 2, which you can register here (just look for the June 2 date) and we want to thank Danielle for also participating in this one as well.

PIA & YIP Leaders Advocate Virtually in 2021

PIA members from around the country took action virtually to present their concerns to members of Congress and their staff about issues of importance to the PIA independent agent community during PIA Advocacy Day on May 12.

This PIA Advocacy Day was different in that meetings were conducted virtually rather than in typical in-person format, due to continuing pandemic restrictions. PIA members continued to add to their long track record of meaningful and results-focused advocacy utilizing the virtual format.

The impact of PIA Advocacy Day had immediate effect with increased cosponsors for legislation we support, as well as increasing support for our other goals of reauthorization the National Flood Insurance Program, protecting crop insurance from cuts, opposing the PRO Act, supporting Cannabis Safe Harbor for Agents and repealing the Federal Insurance Office.

Thanks to all our Louisiana leaders, which included PIA President Charlie Williams, President-elect Clint Gulett, Secretary/Treasurer Ryan Daul, Immediate Past President Bryan Duplantier, National Director Al Pappalardo, Jr., Board Member Linda Gortemiller, Past Presidents Barry White and Robert Page, YIP President Ryan Page and EVP Jody Boudreaux.

PIA Sets the Record Straight on Agent Commissions

In written and oral testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs on May 18, Rebecca Kagan Sternhell, the Director of Federal Affairs for the City of New York, incorrectly stated that agents receive a 30 percent commission each year on flood insurance policies backed by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

"That is just not true," said PIA National Vice President of Government Relations Jon Gentile.

"Independent insurance agents are not earning 30 percent commission for selling NFIP policies."

"Ms. Sternhell apparently conflated two different entities, both of which contribute to the value policyholders receive when they purchase an NFIP policy," Gentile said. "The first is the Write-Your-Own (WYO) insurance carrier, which receives approximately a 30 percent reimbursement payment from the federal government for writing and servicing NFIP policies. The second is the independent insurance agent, whose commission is paid by the WYO out of the reimbursement funds it receives. Neither the WYO nor the agent retains the full 30 percent payment—not in the year the policy is initially issued and not in any subsequent year."

PIA National issued a press release and filed supplemental testimony with the Senate Banking Committee to correct the erroneous testimony by the New York City official.

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