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The purpose of the Governmental Affairs Committee is to maintain a current awareness of all pending and proposed insurance legislation or regulation in the state, and to endeavor to positively influence same on behalf of the PIA of Louisiana membership.

Governmental Affairs Committee Members

State of Louisiana 2017 Regular Legislative Session — Final Report

Convened on Monday, April 10, 2017
Adjourned 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 8, 2017

Louisiana's 2017 Regular Legislative Session has come and gone. Below please find the list of bills reviewed by your Governmental Affairs Committee and related positions on each as well as the current position of the bill to date. You'll note that some are still awaiting the Governor's approval/signature, but you can click on the bill number to get the most current information.

Please call us with any questions you may have at 800-349-3434.

Bills Which PIA of Louisiana Governmental Affairs Committee Took a Position

HB440 Davis Substitute bill - HB 675 - Became Act 231 - Effective 8/1/17
CONTRACTORS:  Requires contractors to provide certain license, classification, and insurance information
HB542 Stokes Became Act 225 - Effective 1/1/18
INSURANCE:  Provides for travel insurance
HB550 Huval Deferred
INSURANCE:  Provides for an expedited rate implementation for certain lines
HB399 Garofalo Substitute bill HB 679 - Deferred
PRESCRIPTION:  Provides relative to suspension or extension of prescription, peremption, and certain legal deadlines
HB407 Huval Became Act 63 - Effective 8/1/17
INSURERS/AGENTS:  Provides for producer fees for individual and group health insurance policies
HB265 Chad Brown Deferred (to HB 408)
INSURERS/AGENTS:  Provides for notice to producers of removal as producer of record
HB408 Huval Became Act 64 - Effective 8/1/17
INSURANCE:  Provides for the change of insurance producer on record
HB463 Chad Brown Deferred
INSURANCE:  Provides with respect to professional employer organizations
SB44 J. Smith Became Act 182
INSURANCE POLICIES:  Provides relative to the sale of policies issued by the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. (8/1/17)
SB214 G. Smith Deferred
PROPERTY INSURANCE:  Provides relative to the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Policy Take-Out Program. (8/1/17)
HB283 Seabaugh Deferred
ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE:  Provides relative to judicial review of administrative hearings involving actions of the commissioner of insurance
SB56 Long Deferred
INSURANCE DEPARTMENT:  Provides for the self-reporting of administrative actions against an insurance producer by nongovernmental regulatory authorities. (8/1/17)
HB562 Jackson Deferred
TAX/SALES & USE:  Provides with respect to the levy of state sales and use taxes on certain sales of tangible personal property and services
HB529 Broadwater Deferred
WORKERS COMPENSATION:  Provides for a workers' compensation closed pharmacy formulary

Bills Which PIA of Louisiana Governmental Affairs Committee Monitored

SB184 Luneau Became Act 166 - Effective 8/1/17
AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE:  Provides for the removal of an offset or credit against uninsured motorist coverage when the carrier is insolvent. (8/1/17)
HB523 Schroder Deferred
BAIL:  Provides relative to constructive surrender and extradition costs with regard to bail
HB439 Zeringue Sent to Governor
CIVIL/PROCEDURE:  Provides for continuous revisions to the Code of Civil Procedure and related provisions of the Revised Statutes
HB89 Davis Became Act 29 - Effective 8/1/17
INSURANCE CLAIMS:  Allow employees of insurance companies that are not licensed claims adjusters to adjust certain losses that do not exceed five hundred dollars
HB467 Chaney Deferred
CIVIL/PROCEDURE:  Provides disclosure procedures for asbestos and silica claims
SB68 Fannin Deferred
SAFETY REGULATIONS:  Provides for legislative oversight and adoption of proposed updates to the State Uniform Construction Code. (8/1/17)
HB378 Anders Became Act 13 - Effective 7/1/17
INSURERS/GUARANTY ASSNS:  Provides for exclusion from guaranty fund coverage for a person acquiring rights to receive payments through a "structured settlement factoring transaction"
SB45 J. Smith Became Act 183 - Effective 8/1/17
INSURANCE POLICIES:  Provides relative to the definition of ocean marine insurance. (8/1/17)
SB117 Colomb Sent to Governor
LIABILITY INSURANCE:  Requires certain insurance producers to maintain professional liability insurance. (8/1/17)
HB165 Anders Became Act 34 - Effective 1/1/18
INSURANCE/HEALTH:  Provides for identification of dental benefit plan coverage
HB192 Moreno Became Act 82 - Effective 8/1/17
DRUGS/CONTROLLED:  Provides for limitations on the prescribing of opioids
HB428 Pugh Deferred
INSURANCE/HEALTH:  Provides for unfair trade practices by insurers and pharmacy benefit managers
HB435 Talbot Sent to Governor
INSURANCE/HEALTH:  Requires disclosure to patient of out-of--network providers prior to surgery
HB436 Talbot Became Act 220 - Effective 8/1/17
DRUGS/PRESCRIPTION:  Requires drug manufacturers to provide information regarding prescription drug prices
HB464 R. Carter Deferred
INSURANCE/LIFE:  Provides relative to the payment of claims on life insurance
SB109 Claitor Became Act 186 - Effective 6/12/17
PRESCRIPTION:  Provides for the suspension of prescription. (gov sig)
HB432 Shadoin Sent to Governor
MTR VEHICLE/REGISTRATION:  Imposes certain requirements on transactions executing the transfer of certificates of title of certain movable property
HB465 S. Carter Substitute Bill - HB 682 - Failed to pass
TRAFFIC/SPEED LIMITS:  Establishes maximum speed limits for certain motor vehicles on interstate highways
HB511 Pierre Deferred
MOTOR VEHICLES:  Provides relative to the regulation and operation of autonomous vehicles
HB597 Bagley Deferred
MTR VEHICLE/INSPECTION:  Eliminates the inspection sticker requirement for certain vehicles
HB607 Jordan Substitute Bill - HB 692 - Sent to Govenor
MOTOR VEHICLES:  Creates insurance bar code to be displayed on a vehicle's inspection sticker
SB17 Gatti Sent to Governor
TRAFFIC:  Provides for driver education to include instruction on appropriate driver conduct when stopped by a law enforcement officer. (1/1/18)
HB527 Havard Deferred
TRANSPORTATION:  Establishes safety, reliability, and access requirements for Transportation Network Companies
SB69 T. Carter Became Act 238 - Effective 6/14/17
AIRCRAFT/AVIATION:  Provides for the exclusive regulation of drones by the state. (gov sig)
SB80 W. Bishop Deferred
TRAFFIC:  Authorizes civilian traffic control officer or entity to investigate certain traffic accidents in certain parishes. (8/1/17)
HB287 Talbot Sent to Governor
INSURANCE:  Provides for the return of unearned premium and notice of claim payments to the mortgagee.
HB392 Connick Became Act 61 - Effective 8/1/17
INSURANCE/FIRE-CASUALTY:  Prohibits insurers from combining a higher classified public fire protection area with a lower classified public fire protection area for the purpose of determining insurance rates for both districts
HB393 Connick Became Act 219 - Effective 1/1/18
INSURANCE/POLICIES:  Provides for the elimination of contents coverage on residential properties following a declared disaster
HB469 Falconer Deferred
CONDOMINIUMS:  Provides relative to the Louisiana Condominium Act
HB571 Berthelot Deferred
FIRE PROTECT/FIRE MARSHAL:  Provides for the revision and creation of regulations relative to boilers
SB118 Colomb Deferred
PROPERTY INSURANCE:  Authorizes a state tax credit for premiums paid for flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. (1/1/18)
SB134 Allain Deferred
PROPERTY INSURANCE:  Provides for the Louisiana Citizens Home Strengthening Grant Pilot Program. (8/1/17)
SB159 Lambert Deferred
COMMERCIAL REGULATIONS:  Provides for payment of insurance proceeds jointly to the mortgagee and the mortgagor of damaged residential property. (8/1/17)
HB217 Jordan Sent to Governor
INSURANCE:  Provides relative to the regulation of unfair competition and unfair trade practices by vehicle mechanical breakdown insurers
HB226 Pierre Deferred
INSURANCE:  Provides relative to administrative procedure hearings involving actions of the commissioner of insurance
HB273 Huval Deferred
INSURERS/AGENTS:  Provides for the approval by the commissioner of insurance of trade names for insurance producers
HB289 Thomas Became Act 10 - Effective 1/1/18
INSURANCE:  Requires risk-bearing entities to provide certain contact information to the commissioner of insurance
HB480 Huval Became Act 14 - Effective 8/1/17
INSURANCE:  Provides for the approval of independent review organizations
HB503 Thibaut Became Act 154 - Effective 1/1/18
INSURERS/AGENTS:  Provides relative to the licensing of insurance producers
HB233 Thomas Became Act 9 - Effective 7/1/17
INSURANCE/SURPLUS LINE:  Provides relative to filing requirements for surplus lines insurers
HB501 Stokes Deferred
TAX/INCOME TAX:  Changes the rates and brackets for purposes of calculating individual income tax liability and eliminates certain deductions and credits
SB79 Luneau Sent to Governor
TAX/TAXATION:  Removes the June 30, 2018, sunset provision and makes permanent reductions to certain income and corporation franchise tax credits. (gov sig)
SB172 Morrell Sent to Governor
TAX/TAXATION:  Terminates certain tax credits as of January 1, 2019. (8/1/17)
HB35 Carpenter Became Act 24 - Effective 8/1/17
RETIREMENT/FIREFIGHTERS:  Provides relative to the offset of disability retirement benefits of members of the Firefighters' Retirement System based on receipt of workers' compensation benefits (OR NO IMPACT APV)
HB592 Talbot Deferred
WORKERS COMPENSATION:  Provides for the creation of a workers' compensation pharmacy formulary

If you have any questions regarding PIA's legislative efforts, please do not hesitate to contact Jody Boudreaux or Natalie Cooper at the PIA of Louisiana office at 800-349-3434, PIA of Louisiana lobbyist Robert Wooley, PIA's Governmental Affairs Chair Lou Fey or any of your Governmental Affairs Committee members. Thank you for your support to your association! We are here to serve you!

In addition to monitoring the Louisiana Legislative Session as well as Congressional instruments pertinent to our industry, Governmental Affairs Committee members and PIA of Louisiana leadership regularly participate in PIA's Federal Legislative Summit in Washington, DC, held every year in the spring, wherein PIA of Louisiana members meet with Louisiana's Congressional leaders in DC to discuss PIA's Issues of Focus.

The 2017 PIA Federal Legislative Summit was held April 5 - 6 in Washington, DC, and your PIA of Louisiana leadership was in attendance.

With House Majority Whipp Steve Scalise (R-LA) as a part of The National Association of Professional Insurance Agents Federal Legislative Summit are Richie Clements, Clements Insurance Services, Rusty Ruiz, Access Home Insurance, Louis G Fey, Bancorp South, Darryl Frank, Frank & Associates, Danielle Wagner, Gendusa Insurance Agency, Tim Clements, Clements Insurance Services, Moose Bulloch, Bankers Insurance Group and PIA of LA Lobbyist Robert Wooley.

With Congressman Garret Graves (R-LA) as a part of The National Association of Professional Insurance Agents Federal Legislative Summit are Moose Bulloch, Bankers Insurance Group, Louis G Fey, Bancorp South, Barry White, The Lincoln Agency, Rusty Ruiz, Access Home Insurance, PIA of LA Lobbyist Robert Wooley, PIA of Louisiana Executive Vice President Jody Boudreaux, Danielle Wagner, Gendusa Insurance Agency, Lisa Donlon, Arthur J Gallagher, Darryl Frank, Frank & Associates, Time Clement and Richie Clements, Clements Insurance Services.

With Congressman Mike Johnson (R-LA) as a part of The National Association of Professional Insurance Agents Federal Legislative Summit are Lisa Donlon, Arthur J Gallagher, PIA of Louisiana Executive Vice President Jody Boudreaux, Barry White, The Lincoln Agency.

The Governmental Affairs Committee and PIA members-at-large also regularly participate in PIA's Annual Political Involvement and Advocacy Month and District Lobbying Day, which is held in August every year. This affords PIA members nationwide a great opportunity to meet with Congressional leaders in Congressperson's home district. It is a collaborative effort designed by PIA National and fully implemented through PIA members at the state level.

With Senator David Vitter (R-LA) as a part of The National Association of Professional Insurance Agents Political Involvement and Advocacy Month and District Lobbying Day are Brian Prejean, Rod Prejean & Associates, and PIA of Louisiana staff Natalie Cooper and EVP Jody Boudreaux

PIAPAC is the Professional Insurance Agents Political Action Committee. The PAC contributes to the campaigns of candidates to federal office who share our pro-insurance, pro-business perspective and who support our issues. PIAPAC is funded by the contributions of individual PIA members.

If you are interested in serving your association on PIA of Louisiana's Governmental Affairs Committee or if you would like to know more, please contact your Governmental Affairs Committee Members, the PIA of Louisiana staff at 800.349.3434 or email Natalie Cooper at natalie@piaoflouisiana.com.

Thanks to Our 2017 PIA Partners:

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