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PIA Victory! Wall Street Journal Issues Correction
Requested by PIA

Just to let everyone know: the Wall Street Journal has removed the misrepresentations about independent insurance agents in its Personal Finance article about buying homeowners insurance and issued corrections, admitting they were wrong. These were the corrections requested by PIA National President Fred Thomas in his April 13 letter to the WSJ. The publication admitted that the earlier version of the article incorrectly stated that independent insurance agents' prices will be higher than direct writers or captive agents; and made other key corrections.

Correction: An earlier version of this article made incorrect and unsupported characterizations of the three categories of sellers of home insurance: direct sellers, captive agents (who were incorrectly identified as "sponsored agents") and independent insurance agents. The earlier version made an unsupported claim that direct sellers are very selective about who can sign up, and it incorrectly implied that direct sellers are the only sellers that may disqualify applicants based on where the they live or some other aspect of the application. The earlier version also made the incorrect claim that sponsored agents are often better than independent agents because they can be more inclusive about who gets covered. Finally, the earlier version incorrectly said that independent insurance agents. prices will be higher than direct sellers or sponsored agents.

WSJ's edited version & correction:


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