February 2021
Agents may sometimes wonder, "What does being a member of PIA do for me?" No doubt you are aware of the abundant networking opportunities the PIA of Louisiana Family affords members. And you certainly know that PIA represents your agency's interests in Baton Rouge and in Washington, D.C. But what else is there? The Agent's Resource is a new publication designed to help you bridge the gap in your PIA Membership by providing you with monthly highlights of member benefits with real value and impact for your agency.

Bridge the Gap with These Tools for Your Agency
NEW PIA Member Benefits
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  Bridge the Gap with These Tools for Your Agency  
  Small Businesses Face Large Scale Cyber Exposures  

Instant Quote. Immediate Protection.
Cyber Insurance is a critical component in your agency's insurance portfolio. Obtaining protection for your agency is simple. Take 2-3 minutes and secure coverage now.
Small Price. Great Value.
BizLock Insurance Services provides a comprehensive solution with an A-rated carrier for only $665/year* for a $1M limit and $1,000 retention. Additional coverage options and limits are available. 
*Annual Premium based on <$1M in Annual Gross Revenue.

Add Cyber Insurance to Your Product Offerings
Offering Cyber Insurance to your customers is also vital and can be as simple as providing them access to your unique URL where they can quote and bind with a credit card. For a one-time fee of only $299, receive a unique URL for your agency and 15% commission on every policy bound through your site.
Learn more about this PIA Program.

Visit our program website, call Caroline at 800.349.3434, or use the link above for more information or to get started.


  PIA Webinar Spotlight  
PIA & You: An Overview of PIA Member Benefits - February 26th @ 1:00 PM
Whether you're new to PIA or need a refresher about how to maximize your membership, this member benefits overview is for you. PIA offers a wide range of programs and products to help your agency succeed, grow, and save money.
During the webinar, you'll learn about:
  • Business-building tools
  • Insurance products
  • Agency management tools
  • Tools from The PIA Partnership

Register Here
If you can't attend the live webinar, register anyway to receive a recording the next day.


  NEW PIA Member Benefits  
  PIA Blueprint for Agency Success - Growth Strategy Guide  
Tools for Your Agency At Any Stage
Whether you're just starting your new independent agency or have been in business for many years the PIA Blueprint for Agency Success contains tools to your continued success.

The Blueprint is divided into three guides to help you navigate the different stages of your business:
  • The Business Planning Guide addresses insurance agency start-up considerations from formation of the business entity to insurance licensing to budgeting and finance to branding.
  • The Growth Strategy Guide covers agency automation and technology considerations, human resources, sales and marketing, and operational policies, procedures, and workflows.  
  • The Agency Continuity Guide provides business continuity planning and leadership development advice as well as a change management framework.  

Growth Strategy Guide
In this week's segment of the PIA Blueprint for Agency Success - Growth Strategy Guide, PIA broaches the subject of Human Resource Fundamentals.

Employee compensation typically represents the largest single expense in an agency. To maximize the value and improve the return on investment in the human resources in your agency, you must implement tools and techniques that support effective recruiting, hiring, training, and managing your employees. We know it's hard work!

In this section, agents are encouraged to start with your vision which translates to your agency culture. Then, as pare of your business growth strategy you will need to define the roles and responsibilities you need to hire for. Use hte ideas and resources contained in this section to build the human component of your business strategy.

Your assignment is to access the Winning@Talent program by PIA and The PIA Partnership. PIA has created a checklist to help you track your progress in reviewing the three toolkits that mek up this program: Getting Ready to Recruit; Sourcing, Recruiting and Hiring; and Retaining Your Best Employees.

Whether you are just getting started, or have a well-established firm, reviewing Human Resource Fundamentals regularly will enhance and accelerate your agency's growth.

The PIA Blueprint for Agency Success program is delivered every Tuesday to PIA members for ten weeks beginning January 5, 2021. If you are eager to see all of the guides, you can review the sections in order on the website, or feel free to jump ahead to the content you need.


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