Single-Deductible for Multiple Storms

After Hurricane Delta took an almost exact path as Hurricane Laura, we want to make sure that you keep in mind that Louisiana law only allows one Named Storm deductible per calendar year under all authorized homeowners' insurance policies or other policies insuring a one- or two-family owner occupied premises regardless of what the policy might say. State law always trumps the policy.

If a Named Storm deductible has been satisfied, or even partially satisfied (the loss was less than the deductible) by losses during the same calendar year, the insured is entitled to an offset or reduction of the deductible for a second or third storm. (DOES NOT APPLY TO NON-ADMITTED CARRIERS OR COMMERCIAL POLICIES.) Click here for actual statute.

Southwest Louisiana Relief Efforts This Monday,
October 19 — Volunteers Needed!!!

Once again, we are planning relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura and now Hurricane Delta. Americas Insurance Company, along with some of our PIA agency members, which include Accessible Insurance Agency, Frank & Associates, G. Martin Insurance, Riverlands Insurance Agency and TWFG as well as the Monson Law Firm, are coordinating these efforts and will be providing meals as well as supplies in Lake Charles this coming Monday, October 19 at Throne of Grace Fellowship (2401 Sixth Street, Lake Charles). We know many of you continue to ask how you can assist our friends in Southwest Louisiana, so please click here to find out ways you can assist.

Introducing Ready For Everything: A Crisis Resource Hub
for Insurance Agents

Can a crisis make your agency stronger? The answer is yes according to many who — during the Coronavirus — have found opportunities to connect with customers in new ways, stress test work-at-home capabilities, and build greater teamwork.

Insurance agencies are well-versed in all types of crises, regularly steering clients through the claims process after floods, fires, and storms to name a few. This pandemic is different in many ways, and similar in some. Good planning, flexibility, and work-from-anywhere technology are key to surviving — and thriving — during any crisis.

Prepare for disasters with Ready For Everything. This hub brings together information for crisis planning and preparation. The specific resources within this program include:
  • Crisis Planning
  • Remote Set-Up and Management
  • COVID-19 Specific Resources
  • Employee and Customer Communications
To learn more, visit:


Attend a short webinar about Ready For Everything (recording available to all attendees).

Thank you to The PIA Partnership for making all of this possible! PIA Partnership companies include: Encompass Insurance, Erie Insurance, Liberty Mutual, Met Life Auto & Home, National General Insurance, Progressive Insurance, Selective Insurance Group, State Auto Insurance Companies, The Hanover Insurance Group, Travelers, and West Bend Mutual Insurance Company.

The New World of No-Contact Disaster Claims

Insurance companies not only have to keep their customers and employees safe, but also expedite claims in a time when natural disasters continue to cause significant damages and the COVID-19 pandemic has altered daily lives.

Forbes reports that some insurers have turned to technology, including drones, to allow adjusters to survey damage while remaining socially distant. The drones can provide a view of steep and complicated roofs without adjusters having to climb them. Insurers also can use low-flying planes and satellite images in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster if the area is restricted for visitors.

In addition, some insurers turn to artificial intelligence to help them better assess disaster damage. Others are connecting to policyholders on the phone, video chat, and using automated tools to obtain measurements. Some insurance companies also use electronic online payments through apps like Venmo and Zelle.

Middle Market Business Owners Rely on Their Insurance Agents

Nearly eight percent of middle market businesses in the United States are concerned about making it through the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and they're looking to their insurance agents for more support, according to new Agent Authority research from Nationwide.

The research uncovered a number of key themes for middle market business owners and commercial insurance agents. First and foremost, business owners are confident in their insurance agent's ability to serve their protection needs, and they trust their agent's advice. However, the results reveal that many middle market business owners struggle to understand the current coverage, thus presenting opportunities for agents to provide personalized attention and advice for clients.

"Middle market business owners really do rely on their agents for advice and education," said Linda Stueber, vice president of Nationwide's middle market commercial team. "Now more than ever, it's vital for agents to help business owners fully understand the coverage they have in place, adapt to new or changing risks, and be proactive in addressing those risks or gaps."

Nationwide Agent Authority Study [infographic]

Personal Protective Equipment
Now Available Through PIA

Personal Protective Equipment is now available through PIA's Design & Print program and purchases are reimbursable up to $250 by PIA. Items currently available include face masks with the PIA logo on them as well as pandemic-related signage for your office.

The reusable face mask features a pleated design, bendable nose bridge, elastic straps with an adjustable toggle, and an interior filter pocket. Please note: This mask is not a guarantee against infection or transmission of viruses or disease. Not recommended for use by children 12 years or younger.

For more details, and to see examples of the pandemic-related signage you may purchase for your office, please visit

To learn about other marketing pieces that PIA Design & Print can create for YOUR agency, please visit:

Reimbursement Details:

PIA member purchases made through PIA Design & Print are eligible for up to $250 in reimbursements. That includes PPE as well as custom brochures, trade show displays, letterhead and much more. To learn how you can receive $250 back when purchasing through PIA Design & Print, please visit the PIA Member Reimbursement Program at:

Thank you! The reimbursement program described above is made available to PIA members through generous donations from the following PIA Partnership carriers: National General Insurance, Progressive Insurance, State Auto Insurance Companies and West Bend Mutual Insurance Company. PIA thanks these companies for their support of professional insurance agents.

When requesting your marketing reimbursements (PIA National A1 members only), please provide the following information from PIA National's membership database to expedite your request.

PIA National Member Type: SAS
PIA National Member ID: 2534909
Member Name: Jody Boudreaux
Agency Name: LA — PIA of Louisiana Inc
Mailing Address:
4021 W. E. Heck Court, Building K
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Phone Number: