Next Shutdown Deadline Days Away

Here we go again. The next deadline for Congress to take action to avoid a government shutdown is February 8.

Congress has yet to pass a long-term spending bill for fiscal year 2018, relying on a series of short-term continuing resolutions (CRs) to keep the government open. The latest one was signed by President Trump on Jan. 22, ending a three-day shutdown.

House and Senate leaders from both parties are negotiating a possible two-year spending deal, but optimism about an agreement being close has faded. Most observers believe that it will be necessary for Congress to pass yet another CR by February 8. So far, both Republicans and Democrats have expressed optimism that there will be another CR, the length of which is not yet known.

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An extension of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) will be needed in a new CR to keep the program going past Feb. 8. The current CR extended the NFIP only through Feb. 8.

What Does the Tax Cut Law Mean for Agents?

How will PIA members fare under the newly-enacted tax cut law? It depends.

PIA's counsel and director of regulatory affairs Lauren Pachman has an initial viewpoint.

2018 PIA Federal Legislative Summit (FLS)

Tuesday April 24 - Wednesday April 25, 2018 Washington, D.C.

In 2017, PIA National's advocacy led to legislative victories for agents on vital matters like the inclusion of small businesses in tax relief and the introduction of legislation to repeal the Federal Insurance Office (FIO).

This year, 2018, promises to be another critical year for agents, as PIA National continues our advocacy to repeal or rein in the FIO and to ensure that the role of agents delivering crop insurance is protected in the Farm Bill, which expires on September 30. In addition, PIA National will work to protect agent commissions across all lines of insurance, including healthcare and flood insurance.

While most U.S. House members and Senators have their constituents' interests at heart, they don't know your business. Policymakers listen to those who show up and represent their profession.

Make Your Priorities Their Priorities.

For more information, visit (which will be continuously updated with more information over the coming weeks) and\or contact your PIA affiliate.

For more details on this year's priorities click here or read the policies at PIA's website here.

Bulletin No. 2018-03: Rescission of Bulletin 2011-03 — Change
in Definition of "Small Employer" for the Purposes
of Medical Loss Ratio

Bulletin No. 2018-03 gives notice that Bulletin No. 2011-03 is rescinded. Bulletin No. 2011-03, issued on December 29, 2011, provided guidance and instruction to regulated entities for reporting medical loss ratio using the definition of "small employer" as provided in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Click here to view.

Leadership and Management Are the Same Things, Right?

Leadership and management must go hand in hand, but they are not the same thing. Both are necessary for the success of your company but can you be good at both? Yes, but you have to first understand the differences between the two and why both are needed.

The Omnia Group will host a free webinar for PIA Agents on February 21 at 2:00 PM Eastern.

Attend the webinar and learn:

  • The definition of leadership and management and the differences between the two
  • Challenges to leadership and management
  • How to develop a personal action plan to maximize your success as a leader and manager

Learn more and register for the February 21 webinar. (PIA members only)

The Omnia Profile—a PIA Member Benefit

For years PIA has recommended The Omnia Profile® behavioral assessment product. It provides managers and agency owners with incredibly accurate assessments of their producers' assets and liabilities and is a critical tool for agency owners who plan to hire new agency personnel.

The quick, online, instant report offers clear, easy-to-understand language to acquire objective insight into how compatible an existing or prospective employee is with a job, a work culture and a management approach. The more in depth custom profile can spell out what motivates each unique individual on your team, and whether you need to tweak strategies to improve the sales-to-close ratio.

When first contacting Omnia, PIA members receive a free online, instant assessment or a free custom assessment of an agency employee or prospective employee. Plus, if you buy a package of Omnia Profiles you'll receive one free.

Get started on your track to success today by calling Carletta Clyatt of The Omnia Group at 800-525-7117, x1226 or email her at and be sure to tell her you are a PIA member.

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