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PIA of Louisiana Calendar — Education Events

April 2018
11 CISR Personal Residential (Lafayette)
12 CISR Commercial Casualty-2 (Kenner)
13 CISR Commercial Property (Baton Rouge)
19 CISR Personal Lines Misc. (Shreveport)
24 CPIA-2 Implement For Success (Kenner)
May 2018
8 CISR Personal Residential (Kenner)
9 CISR Personal Residential (Baton Rouge)
10 CISR Commercial Casualty-1 (Shreveport)
15 CISR Personal Auto (Lafayette)
22 CPIA-3 Sustain Success (Kenner)
June 2018
5 CISR Dynamics of Service (Lafayette)
6 CISR William T Hold (Baton Rouge)
7 CISR Dynamics of Service (Kenner)
August 2018
21 CPIA Update Class: Advanced Commercial Lines (Baton Rouge)
September 2018
11 CPIA-1 Position For Success (Lafayette)
18 CISR Commercial Property (Shreveport)
19 CISR Commercial Casualty-2 (Lafayette)
20 CISR Commercial Casualty-1 (Baton Rouge)
25 CISR Personal Auto (Kenner)
October 2018
9 CPIA-2 Implement For Success (Lafayette)
10 CISR Elements of Risk (Lafayette)
16 CISR Personal Auto (Baton Rouge)
18 CISR Personal Residential (Shreveport)
23 CISR Life & Health Essentials (Kenner)
24 CISR William T Hold (Lafayette)
November 2018
7 CISR Commercial Casualty-1 (Lafayette)
8 CISR Commercial Property (Kenner)
13 CPIA-3 Sustain Success (Lafayette)