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PIA of Louisiana Calendar — Education Events

August 2019
13 CISR Elements of Risk (Baton Rouge)
14 CISR Elements of Risk (Kenner)
27 CPIA Update Class (Kenner, LA)
September 2019
10 CISR Personal Auto (Lafayette)
17 CISR Personal Residential (Shreveport)
17 CPIA-1 Position for Success (Madisonville)
18 CISR Commercial Property (Baton Rouge)
19 CISR Commercial Property (Kenner)
24 CPIA-1 Position for Success (Shreveport)
October 2019
8 CPIA-2 Implement for Success (Madisonville)
15 CISR Personal Auto (Shreveport)
22 CISR Commercial Casualty-2 (Lafayette)
22 CPIA-2 Implement for Success (Shreveport)
23 CISR Commercial Casualty-2 (Baton Rouge)
24 CISR Commercial Casualty-2 (Kenner)
November 2019
5 CPIA-3 Sustain Success (Madisonville)
12 CISR Commercial Casualty-1 (Lafayette)
13 CISR Personal Residential (Baton Rouge)
14 CISR Personal Residential (Kenner)
19 CPIA-3 Sustain Success (Shreveport)